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Healthier Employees | Healthier Workplaces | Healthier Communities

Message by the Chairperson of the SABCOHA Board

...we appreciate that the country’s workforce impacts families, communities and society as a whole...

Taking stock of two decades of leading a private sector response on HIV/AIDS awareness, treatment and care, our country’s HIV prevalence rate of less than 13% is something we are all proud to be a part of. SABCOHA recommits to contributing to a sustained fight against HIV/AIDS and promotion of universal access to health. We are further pleased to accept the administrative support role in coordinating the  private sector response in the fight against ’s gender-based violence and femicide fund in support of the country’s GBVF machinery.

We commit to rallying a unified course of action and a united voice to eradicate all forms of toxic masculinity in the workplace.  Pledging the private sector expertise, systems and resources, we appreciate that the country’s workforce impacts families, communities and society as a whole. With this understanding, we aim to collaborate with key strategic partners such as the civic society and organized labour in fostering programmes and interventions aimed at creating safe and secure environments for all to thrive economically.

Message by the CEO of SABCOHA

Looking at 2021 as the year of accountability, part of commemorating 20 years of SABCOHA’s existence since 2001 compels us to shape a roadmap for our next decade. 
Our starting point is SABCOHA’s vision 2025 driven through the  following priorities:
  • Increase SABCOHA’s membership and ensure optimum representation of all private sector players in South Africa
  • € Improve financial stability through diversified revenue streams
  • € Foster a culture of sound corporate governance to improve SABCOHA’s capacity to deliver on its mandate
  • € Build strategic partnerships to ensure successful implementation of the organization’s mandate
  • € Contribute to active HIV/AIDS and disease management in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Uppermost is to regain stakeholder confidence in SABCOHA as  a unified voice of the country’s private sector on workplace health, wellbeing, HIV/AIDS and related challenges that impact the country’s health and wellbeing such as all forms of violence against women in the workplace and in the communities within in which we do business. Diligent execution of our vision 2025 will undoubtedly see SABCOHA to the next decade.  We urge all our stakeholders to hold us to account.

Mr Siyabonga Jikwana
Chief Executive Officer